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Monday, May 10, 2010

Frank Frazetta, RIP

Another icon has tumbled. Frank Frazetta, one of the greatest comics artists ever, died today at the age of 82. A gifted athlete, Frazetta could have had a career in professional baseball, but he chose art instead and revolutionized the field. For years he ghosted Al Capp's "Lil Abner" strip, then struck out on his own. He hit the jackpot with his hyper-realistic and sexy book and magazine covers that were an important element in the fantasy boom of the Seventies. He profited greatly from these because, unlike many of his contemporaries, he insisted on retaining ownership of the original paintings. Many of these commanded six and even seven figure prices when sold. In recent years Frazetta faced a lot of trials -- sickness, the death of his wife, problems with his offspring, and the like. The troubles are ended now. Let us hope he has found peace.

Frazetta's one foray into film-making, a collaboration with Ralph Bashki titled "Fire and Ice" can be seen on YouTube. Here's the first installment:

Check it out, check it outers. There is also a biographical documentary with the same title, but it doesn't seem to be available on the internet.

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