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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Twenty Eight

We come now to the first gap in our travel account. Douz is famous as a center for camel racing, a fact commemorated by this statue in the center of town. Following this theme [camels] here is the scene outside our hotel room:

Hmmm, what is that out beyond the palms? Let's look a little closer.

Ah, camels lined up and waiting for riders -- a hint of what was to come. We had lunch in the hotel, then late in the afternoon assembled in the lobby, boarded our bus, and were driven out to where the camels were waiting. Most of us, myself included, climbed aboard the camels and rode out into the desert where we shared drinks with Bedouin tribesmen. The ride out was pleasant. It was my first time on a camel but I had no difficulties. Once I settled into the rhythm of the beast's movement I could relax. If I had brought my camera I could have taken pictures, but I had [for some reason that I cannot remember, but seemed to make sense at the time] left it behind. Hence the gap -- our camel ride was not recorded.

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