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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Thirty Two

The next morning we headed out to the town of Medenine in southern Tunisia. This would be the farthest south we would go on our tour. Beyond was Libya.

Medenine was a major trading center in pre-colonial times and is still extensively used by nomadic Berber tribes that spend part of the year there. Medenine was also the site of General Rommel's last battle in Africa. Interesting, but we were there to see the ghorfas.

A ghorfa is a Berber structure used for grain storage [although some of them were occupied by families] and they are quite striking. Each block consisted of multi-story storage rooms built around a central courtyard. Like so many other parts of Tunisia, they were used as sets for the Star War films.

In this last picture you can see a woman sitting by herself. Here she is close-up.

She was baking for sale to tourists like me. Naturally, I bought one. It was delicious.

Most of the structures we visited were abandoned, but not all.

That's the city in the background.

Then it was back in the bus for a trip to the coast.

Ah, expanses of water. Quite a relief after days of sand and rock and scrub brush.

Taking advantage of the high winds.

Nothing much, I just like the pictures.

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