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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Thirty Six

Our next stop was at the Port of Djerba.

Here the emphasis was on fishing. There were numerous small craft around.

And a few of these large fishing vessels.

These are octopus pots -- they are thrown over the side of the boats and left on the sea bottom where they attract octopi that see them as a refuge. They are then hauled to the surface and the octopi extracted. It seems to be a major local industry.

Yes, there were lots and lots of octopus pots.

And here are boats the octopus fishermen use.

After a bit we settled down for a leisurely lunch. The service was terrible..., really terrible, but the food wasn't all that bad, and then the waiter tried to cheat us. Not a place we would recommend.

Then it was back on the bus for a ride along the beach to our hotel. Once again the kites were in the air.

That evening my wife and I took a leisurely stroll along the beach under the full moonlight.

I took this photo as we returned to the hotel. As you can see Djerba, a major resort site for French, German, and British tourists, was quite a relief from the desert.

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