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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Our New Neighbors?

According to the rumors out of Hollywood Beyonce is moving to the area.

Jay- Z and Beyoncé have been reported to be moving to Pennsylvania.

The couple are speculated to be purchasing a multi-million dollar mansion in Schuylkill County that is located in a secluded area, according to Global Grind.

Read it here.

This confirms what my wife's friends have been telling her, that a mansion just down the road from us has been sold to some music superstar. According to the local rumors the guy who sold the place made a tidy profit on it.

I guess we won't be all that "secluded" any more. There goes the neighborhood.

Of course, the rumors might be wrong.... Here's hoping.


AP has a story by Michael Rubinkam that is pretty dismissive of the rumor. He writes:
No deed has been recorded in the courthouse, no real estate transfer tax has been paid, and the celebs have yet to request a showing, according to the real estate agent listing the house....

The rumor has brought plenty of attention to the ultra-luxe property, but Beyonce and Jay-Z haven't expressed an interest in it, said Ericka Kirkpatrick, the agent who is listing the house.

"I am just humored," she said. "We have no idea what the deal is or where it got started. ... We are just being bombarded with craziness. This is so absurd!"

Jeff Faust, chairman of the local board of supervisors, said no one has approached the township about putting in a helipad — another rumor making the rounds.

"It's amazing what people will come up with," he said. "Believe me, I'd love for that property to sell. The township gets a nice chunk of change from the realty transfer tax."

Read it here.

I'm "humored" too. It looks like we dodged a bullet. The last thing we need here is papparazzi. The author says he lives "right down the street" from the property. Well, I do live right down the street and I've never heard of him. He does, however, seem to have some local knowledge.

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