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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 1 -- Flying to Bergen

Our expedition began, as usual, at Dulles airport near Washington.We checked in, went through security, and headed for the gate to wait for our plane. On the way we passed this -- the MIT Daedalus 87, a human-powered aircraft.

Washington is a political town and the vendors' stalls show just how the winds are blowing. A couple of years ago the display would have been all Obama, now Bush and anti-administration messages seem to be selling.

Then we boarded the plane and took the long flight to Frankfurt where we had a short layover before we took off again for Bergen.

At least one member of the party took advantage of the layover to get some much-needed rest.

I fell asleep on the plane, but "She Who Must Not Be Named" borrowed my camera to take pictures of our approach into Bergen, Norway.

At the airport we were met by a local guide who led us to this bus, which transported us into town and to our hotel. After taking care of our baggage and checking in we had a little time to wander around sightseeing.

Our hotel was right in the center of the city. This statue honoring Ole Bull, the famous nineteenth-century violinist who was from Bergen, was right out front. Bull is a fascinating character. He toured extensively in the United States and was wildly popular here. He used some of his wealth to found an emigrant colony, Oleana, in Potter County, Pennsylvania and today there is an Ole Bull State Park commemorating him in the Keystone State.

Speaking of parks, we were just a block from this lovely lakeside park in Bergen.

And right around the corner was this art gallery.There was no lack of things to see and do in Bergen, but we were tired and on a schedule. After walking around for about an hour or so and taking a few photographs we went back to the hotel and up to our room where we fell asleep..., or rather we tried to. There was a very noisy nightclub just down the street that didn't close until 2:00 am.

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