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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 31 -- Kristiansund

Our last stop before returning to Bergen and leaving the country was at Kristiansund, a town of about 25,000 people concentrated on four very small islands. Because of the limited land area available for settlement, Kristiansund has the highest population density of any town in Norway and the closely-packed housing makes for some interesting images.

Approaching the harbor...

As you can see, every possible site near the harbor has a house on it.

Bridges connect the islands and allow for easy movement among them.

Entering the harbor...

The waterfront.

Densely-packed, multi-color housing. I like it! It makes for nice pictures.

Walking along the waterfront we encountered this remnant of WWII.

The black freighter was featured in the 1965 film, "The Heroes of Telemark" starring Kirk Douglas.

Kristiansund is a charming place, but by this point most of us were in a hurry to get back to Bergen, get organized, and get on a plane back to the States.

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