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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 17 -- Heading East

After a not-so-quick stop at the gift shop "She Who Must Never, Under Any Circumstances Be Named" and I joined the rest of our tour group for a journey back to Henningsvag through a bleak and barren landscape.

Bidding farewell to the sea cliffs of Nordkapp...

We stopped at a small tourist trap run by local Sammi nomads. Fortunately, nobody was home [our guide explained that it was the season for herding reindeer and the owners were otherwise occupied] but we had a photo opportunity nonetheless. Here's a Sammi version of the teepee, a perfect mobile shelter for people who [like America's plains Indians] follow the herds in their seasonal migrations.

Fish drying racks were ubiquitous, emphasizing the importance of fishing to the local economy.

I kept thinking how lonely life must be in such a bleak environment.

Cabins rented out to tourists who want to be really, really alone.

Re-entering Henningsvag.

The waterfront at Henningsvag. Note the snow barriers on the top of the cliffs, needed to prevent avalanches, and the large flock of sea gulls haunting the fish-processing center.

Then, as the sun set, we once again boarded our ship and set off again on the high seas, this time heading east.

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