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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 21 -- Coasting

Through the night we continued southward along the coast and woke to gorgeous, if stark, scenery.

A brief stop at the fishing village of Havoysund..., another contender for the title of northernmost town in Europe.

Then continuing southward past marvelous, evocative seascapes.

And the Snohvit gas-liquefication facility at Melkoya

And by noon we were again at Hammerfest [a community that calls itself the "northernmost town in the world". I wish they would all get together and settle the title once and for all, but local boosterism being what it is.... We were scheduled to remain there for an hour and a half so a group of us went ashore and trundled through the town. Here is the street up from the docks. Note the snow fence along the top of the hill above the town.

A snub-nosed boat, designed to remain stable in one place in the water for long periods of time -- at least that's what I was told.

More avalanche breakers.

The main street of town at noontime -- not a lot of activity.

Inside a local church.

Then back to the boat for more cruising past spectacular landscapes.

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