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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 28 -- Heading for Trondheim

After leaving Bronnoysund we took a slight detour to visit the Torghatten -- this island, which supposedly looks like a reclining fat man wearing a tall hat. There is, of course, an accompanying legend, explaining the distinctive feature. Supposedly this tall-hatted man fell in love with and won the affections of one of the "seven sisters". This angered a troll that also loved the sister so he lay in ambush for the tall-hatted man and shot an arrow into his stomach.

As we proceeded around the island, the reason for the arrow part of the legend became obvious.

Viewed up close you can see a hole running through the hill, supposedly caused by the evil troll's fatal arrow.

Then, as the sun set we wended our way south through the Vikna island group, arriving in the middle of the night at Rorvik, a town of about 1,500 inhabitants. There some of us briefly disembarked and checked out the Norveg museum.

There were a number of exhibits portraying aspects of the local fishing industry. This one, in particular, interested me.

Then we steamed on through the night through open seas heading for one of my favorite cities -- Trondheim. We arrived early in the morning and several of us headed out for a walking tour of the old town. Naturally, I took my camera.

We walked from the modern docks toward the old shipbuilding center of the city.

Much of the old industrial center has been replaced by condominiums.

But across the Verftsbrua [yard bridge], recently renamed the "Blomsterbrua" [flower bridge] for some reason, much of the old shipyard complex remains as an open air industrial museum.

In the background we can see the steeple of the Nidaros Cathedral.

One of the old drydocks, which for my purposes serves as a reflecting pool.

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