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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 30 -- The Nider River

After our stroll through lovely residential streets we turned a corner and were treated to this vision. That is the Nidelva river. It runs through the middle of Trondheim and we got to it early on a still morning while the water was glassy smooth -- perfect for taking pictures. 

The only disturbances were caused by these ducks and they soon went away.

Warehouses line both sides of the river.

These two boats fascinated me and I took a lot of pictures of them from different angles.

This is the "Old Town Bridge of Trondheim" -- a wonderful place from which to take pictures.

Looking east from the bridge.

Looking west from the bridge. The large structure at the top of the hill is the main building of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology -- an important national institution. Approximately one fifth of Trondheim's population is students, which makes for an interesting local culture.

StiftsgÄrden, the royal residence in Trondheim.

Walking back to the docks.

Then back aboard our boat to rest up as we headed on to our next destination.

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