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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 11 -- Crossing The Arctic Circle

Early on the following morning we crossed the Arctic Circle and entered the polar regions.

This is Horstmann Island which lies precisely on the Arctic Circle. If you click on the picture and expand it you can see a weather station located near the peak.

A small fishing village on the opposite shore.

This little globe marks the precise location of the latitude 66 degrees, 33', 44".

Looking backwards.

Isolation. I understand that many of these homes are only occupied for part of the year by fishermen or by southerners who rent them out as vacation homes.

The mist descending from the mountains to cover the valleys shows that we are approaching the glaciers.

There it is, in the distance covering the mountains, the famous Svartisen Glacier.

The glacier goes on and on, and so do we.

Finally we are leaving it behind and heading for our next destination -- Bodo.

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