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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 15 -- Tromso

In mid-afternoon we cruised into Tromso harbor and, since we were scheduled to be there for four hours, set out to explore the area.Tromso, the "Capital of Arctic Norway" is a city of bout 66,000 inhabitants and in the past has served as the jumping off point for several famous polar expeditions.

After walking around the harbor area we boarded a bus and set off to see Tromso museum, which was locate in a suburban tract where kids and dogs played in the street just as they do in American towns.

Inside the museum we found a lot of exhibits, including this whale skeleton. I was most interested in the depictions of nomadic Sami life.

Then it was off to see the famous Arctic Cathedral. I had to stand in line to take this picture. The site was selected by Paul, an experienced and talented photographer in our group, who had developed something of a following. He would take a picture and people would line up to emulate him. In this case it worked out pretty well.

The main bridge spanning the Fjord. Most of the traffic, though, passes through an underwater tunnel.

This is supposedly the largest stained-glass mural in Europe. OK!

Our ship framed by fall foliage.

As we gathered to head back to the ship this guy was floating in lazy circles overhead.

Walking along the main shopping street. At this point "She Who Must Not Be Named" and several others of our group scattered for some shopping. For my part I took my camera down the the waterfront for some harbor views. Here they are.

Then it was back aboard the ship and off for the far north.

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