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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 13 -- Svolvaer After Dark

After crossing the fjord we entered the Lofoten island group and cruised north toward Svolvaer,the "Capital of the Islands".

Here we are in the port of Svolvaer. That is our ship, the MS Richard With. Since we were scheduled to stay there for about an hour a small group of us decided to take a ramble through the town.

Svolvaer is a small town of little more than 4,000 inhabitants. It is built on several small islands connected by walking bridges. Because of the lateness of the hour -- it was about ten pm -- we didn't get to see much of the surrounding landscape, but what we did see was quite nice.

Here are the ramblers streaming through the main street of the town. At one point we walked through a small retirement community. The inhabitants must be used to such things because they simply ignored us.

Just a map on the side of a village to remind us of where we were.

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