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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 22 -- A Midnight Concert at Tromso

All through the long afternoon we cruised southward past mountains, glaciers and the isolated settlements of Seiland, watching the lengthening shadows highlight features of the passing seascape.

Then, through the night we crossed the open waters of Lotthavet, eventually arriving at the harbor of Tromso. There we went ashore, piled into a bus, and were delivered once again at the Arctic Cathedral which we had visited a few days before. This time, though, we were there to listen to a midnight concert which consisted of lovely renditions of both modern and traditional Sammi pieces. Unfortunately we were prohibited from taking pictures of the performers, so I have nothing to show you.

Then back on the bus and back to the docks, where I took this picture of the cathedral brightly lit in the distance.

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