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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Nordic Expedition, Part 26 -- The Trollfjord

As we neared the midpoint of the Raftsundet Strait we encountered an excursion boat loaded with photographers on their way to photograph sea eagles. We would meet it again, but not until we left the main channel and entered the fabled Trollfjord.

Ho hum, more beautiful scenery.

The entrance to the Trollfjord where a locally famous battle took place between steam driven and traditional fishing boats. According to what I was told, the Trollfjord was rich in cod, but during the worst part of the winter small fishing boats couldn't get in because the surface was frozen over. In 1890 steam powered boats broke the ice and then barricaded the entrance to the fjord demanding that the smaller boats pay them a portion of their catch. The fishermen reacted badly to the demands and the result was a battle that eventually became a major political issue and resulted in new legislation regulating the cod catch in the area.

Ah, the eagle expedition boat again. Several of our group joined them and took off to photograph the eagles. I wish I had joined them. Some of the pictures they got were really spectacular.

Interesting geological formations along the fjord.

The end of the fjord where we turned around and headed back to the main channel

Back in the main channel we resumed our journey southward through the beautiful Loften Isles.

And here we pull into the harbor at Svolvaer, the "Capital of the Loften Isles".

Produce waiting on the dock for local distributors to arrive.

Fish-drying racks.

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