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Monday, January 30, 2006

Environmental "Science" -- The Ever-Shifting Goalposts

Environmental "scientists," wielding new computer models, now predict that sea level changes due to global warming might not be as great as earlier models predicted.

The Buffalo News reports [citing the WaPo]:

A new computer model suggests that global warming might not produce the kind of sea level change over the next century that scientists had previously thought, according to a paper in the journal Nature.

The report - written by German scientist Sarah C.B. Raper and British scientist Roger Braithwaite - suggests that melting mountain glaciers and icecaps, which account for about a quarter of the expected sea level rise, will produce less sea level rise by 2100 that others have predicted.

Read it here.

This is the problem with basing public policy on the recommendations of "scientists." They keep changing their minds.

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