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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Pennsylvania Politics -- Scranton Is Looking Like a Loser

In the race for the Republican gubenatorial nomination, William Scranton III has been steadily losing ground to Lynn Swann. As Swann' star has risen, Scranton has become more and more desperate. First he began to call for debates [an unmistakable sign of weakness]. Now he is proclaiming that the gloves will be coming off [signaling desperation].

AFTER MONTHS of gentlemanly sparring for the Republican nomination for governor, Bill Scranton yesterday pulled off the gloves, attacking former football star Lynn Swann for refusing to debate and urging party leaders to stay neutral in the race.

The former lieutenant governor said he would stay in the race through the May 16 primary, even if the party leaders endorse Swann at a Republican State Committee meeting scheduled for Feb. 11.

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