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Monday, January 16, 2006

Gotcha! NYT Fakes News Again

Once again the New York Times ["All the News We See Fit to Fake"] has been caught making things up. A photo accompanying an article on the failed attempt to kill Zawahiri showed a sorrowful old man and young boy posed with what the Times informed us was the "remains of a missile fired at a house" containing innnocent women and children. It is a marvelous photo, one that illustrates the brutality of war. The only trouble is it is fake. The "remains of a missile" is in fact a 155mm artillery shell. As an old redleg I can assure you that you would never, ever be able to mount a 155 howitzer on a Predator drone. Even a "lightweight" 155 weighs about 9,000 lbs.

The American Thinker is all over this story. [here]

Once again the "paper of record" is caught falsifying that record. Why does anyone bother to read that rag anymore?

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