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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Well, Now -- This is Interesting!

"She Who Must Not Be Named" interrupted my nap to tell me that I had been mentioned in the New York Times. Sure enough, she was right. The mention is here. It's a tiny thing, and you have to scroll down a long ways to find it, but it's something noteworthy, I suppose. It is nice to be cited by the NYT, but a slight nod from the Instapundit would be infinitely more effective.

I'm glad she woke me up. Otherwise I would have missed the Steelers' magnificent effort against Indianapolis. As I write the score is 21-3 and it is a very, very good thing to be a Steeler fan.

Is there a more engaging person in the NFL than Harold Bettis? I think not!

Go Steelers! Go Steelers! Go Steelers!!!!


What a game!!!! The forces of right and justice prevailed in the end, even though incompetent officiating tried to give the game to the Colts. Next stop..., Denver!

Damn! It's so easy to slide into caring about sports again. Must resist..., must resist..., must resist.

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