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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mrs. Alito's Departure -- The Senate Jumps the Shark

It's pretty clear just when the Senate inquisitors jumped the shark in the Alito hearings. It's when a litany of the false and misleading charges made against her husband caused Mrs. Alito to burst into tears and hasten from the chamber. The incident underscores just how nasty and brutal the process of confirmation has become and how disgusting most Americans find it. Yet, the Democrat activists are all over the place today urging the inquisitors to "get tougher."

NRO has a link to the clip. [here]

What is perhaps most interesting is the quality of the comments from the Democrat left. Rightwingnews provides a sample of the most abusive here. I know that you can find similarly despicable commentary on some right wing sites, but this sort of thing really bothers me. The Kossacks are scary people.

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