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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Maryland Politics -- Kweisi Recruits Deaniacs

The Washington Times reports:

Kweisi Mfume's Senate campaign in Maryland is starting to look a lot like a Howard Dean campaign, with key former Dean aides working the Mfume political and fundraising machinery.

Lindsay Lewis, a fundraiser during Mr. Dean's 2004 presidential bid, began working as Mr. Mfume's campaign manager one week ago.

Walter Ludwig, who coordinated Mr. Dean's campaign in Maryland, also joined the Mfume campaign a week ago.

And Joe Trippi, Mr. Dean's one-time campaign manager, is doing political consulting for Mr. Mfume's campaign.

"We're here to take the campaign to the next step," Mr. Lewis said.

Mr. Mfume, former chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), is in need of help to gain ground in the crowded Democratic primary race to replace Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes, who is retiring.

"It's not that I set out to get Dean people. It's just that we're all in the same ideological stratosphere. I think they were attracted to my campaign," Mr. Mfume said last night after a debate in Olney.
Read it here.

This makes sense. Ben Cardin has pretty much wrapped up the regular Democrat talent. Kweisi has to take what he can get. These guys have a lot of enthusiasm, but I'm afraid that Cardin's pros are going to eat them alive.

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