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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mugabe's Latest Obscenity

ABC [Australia] reports:

In Zimbabwe, where many people are starving and human rights violations are frequently in the international spotlight, President Robert Mugabe is asking people to pay for a lavish party for his 82nd birthday.

Almost half of all Zimbabweans can no longer afford to feed themselves, with 4.3 million people reliant on international food aid this year.

Inflation has hit 586 per cent in the devastated economy.

But with the Zimbabwean President turning 82, his priority is a big birthday bash to be paid for by community fundraising.

The aging autocrat has told the nation's 10 provinces to fundraise at least $15,000 each to pay for his official celebrations.

A ruling party youth leader was quoted in the Government press as saying Zimbabweans were "blessed" to have a President of such high calibre.

Read it here.

"Blessed" -- Faugh!!!

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