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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Zimbabwean Inflation Down from 622% to 585.5% -- At least the Trend is In the Right Direction

African News Dimension reports:

Zimbabwe's year-on-year inflation raced to 585,5% December amid clear indications that the central bank governor has dismally failed to contain the price spiral currently wrecking havoc in the crisis torn Southern African country. The figures released by the Central Statistical Office yesterday all but confirmed that Reserve bank governor Gideon Gono is struggling to contain inflation, which President Robert Mugabe's government considers the "Number 1 enemy".

It could be worse: Early in 2004 the inflation rate was 622%, and there are indications that it could go that high again in 2006.

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It appears that Mad Bobby's long-term project of creating Hell right here on Earth is proceeding according to plan.

And in a related story, David Brooks notes regarding Mad Bobby's land policy:
Even taking into account another scheme under which greater numbers of peasant farmers were given land, it seems certain that Mugabe's land grab has displaced more blacks than it has benefited. The relative handful of winners was disproportionately drawn from the regime's senior ranks, with cabinet ministers, generals and judges all helping themselves to land.
Imagine that! Mugabe's buddies gained disproportionately. Wow, didn't see that one coming.

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RELATED: Gateway Pundit notes that Mugabe blames western-owned banks for the problems and is threatening to seize their assets if they do not give liberal loans to his friends.

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Check out Mugabe Makaipa, which is dedicated to monitoring Mad Bobby's atrocities.

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