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Thursday, January 12, 2006

There They Go Again -- The Latest Wrinkle In the Global Warming Saga

The Guardian reports:
They have long been thought of as the antidote to harmful greenhouse gases, sufferers of, rather than contributors to, the effects of global warming. But in a startling discovery, scientists have realised that plants are part of the problem.

According to a study published today, living plants may emit almost a third of the methane entering the Earth's atmosphere.

The result has come as a shock to climate scientists. "This is a genuinely remarkable result," said Richard Betts of the climate change monitoring organisation the Hadley Centre. "It adds an important new piece of understanding of how plants interact with the climate."

Read it here.

Hey, didn't Ronald Reagan tell us this decades ago?
Of course he did.

Once again the "experts" in the "scientific community" backtrack on public policy recommendations. This is the "shifting sands" problem with scientific authority and why it can never be trusted as a primary basis for setting policy.


Then there's this old story from the BBC showing that trees pollute by emitting ozone on hot days.

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