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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pennsylvania Politics -- It's Getting Nasty

I have often referred to the fact that the public in Pennsylvania is fed up with State politicians. This anger found focus a few months ago when the vermin who inhabit the Statehouse voted themselves a pay hike and senior officials threatened reprisals against junior legislators who didn't go along with the scheme.

The anger and disdain continues unabated throughout the Commonwealth, but particularly in Western Pennsylvania. Steel City Cowboy speaks for a multitude responding to reports that now the legislature is planning reprisals against media institutions that were critical of the pay raise.
Last year, the corrupt and insulated Pennsylvania legislature, with the help of some in the judiciary, gave themselves a pay raise, in direct contradiction to Pennsylvania law. As pay raises cannot take effect until the next term begins, lawmakers gave themselves immediate "unvouchered expense" accounts to bridge the gap. Lovely.

The Pennsylvania media - mainstream newspapers, local talk radio, blogs - all went ballistic. People who generally didn't pay much attention to the slimy actions of their elected representatives had little choice but to hear about the whole thing, and they were pissed. Months of continuous pressure from the aforementioned sources resulted in the legislature repealing the pay raise and in many reps giving back the unvouchered expense money they had already received. There is a pending lawsuit demanding the return of the rest of the money.


Now, though, it looks like the legislature is preparing to fire back. This article from WTAE-TV claims that Pennsylvania lawmakers are attempting to gut local newspapers' revenue streams. Un-freaking-believable. These people have absolutely no sense of who is working for whom here.

You work for us, you sons of bitches, and don't forget it. You obviously did not learn your lesson when you got your greedy asses smacked for giving yourselves a pay raise in a midnight session last year. And now you're directly retaliating against newspapers?! Are you completely insane?
As I said..., he speaks for multitudes.

On the plot to muzzle the media see here.

This next election could be explosive.

Stay tuned.

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