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Monday, January 16, 2006

Pennsylvania Politics -- The Republicans Sort Things Out

Republicans are conducting straw polls across Pennsylvania to determine who will be their candidate against Democrat incumbent, Fast Eddie Rendell [his limo was clocked at over 100 mph on the turnpike].

Caucus results are beginning to come out. One thing is clear, only two candidates have a chance -- Lynn Swann and Bill Scranton. Jeff Piccolo, my personal favorite, was far behind in the polls and has dropped out of the race.

So far the northwest and central caucuses have already met, and have overwhelmingly endorsed Swann, a political novice. Swann will probably also pick up the Southwest caucus endorsement. The Northeast and Northeast/Central [my] regions will probably favor Scranton. This sets up a clear regional battle, with Republicans in the western two-thirds of the state favoring Swann, and the eastern Republicans backing Scranton. The last caucus, though, is the big one -- the Southeast Caucus embracing Philadelphia and its suburbs. Whoever takes it wins everything. Until recently it looked as if Scranton would win, but now that looks problematic.

Whoever wins, the choice will be official a month from now. I'm on a Steeler high right now so Swann is my current pick, but Scranton has a lot of support in the east. It promises to be close.

Stay tuned.

To read about the caucuses go here.

And in case I forgot to mention it, this year the voters are really, really pissed.

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