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Friday, January 13, 2006

Nuke 'em

Irwin Seltzer explains why we must move away from oil dependency. His key point:

Global oil production and distribution is "a game increasingly dominated by state-run entities pursuing geopolitical objectives that have nothing to do with mere profit maximization."

Read the whole thing here.

I had breakfast yesterday with a retired high-ranking military officer who has considerable experience and expertise in the area of nuclear power. He is convinced that developing nuclear facilities is the only way to go, for reasons both geopolitical and environmental.

I would also point out that with the rise of China and India as modern economic systems the global competition for energy resources will only escalate and become a major threat to our national security. It makes eminent sense to develop an alternative. The technology today is safe and clean. Let's do it!

For industry information on nuclear power generation see the Nuclear Energy Institute homepage here.

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