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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oh Canada!

Mark Steyn, the funniest and most perceptive commentator in the Great White North, is blogging the election. [here]

His take on Liberal PM Paul Martin finally conceding defeat:
Given the campaign, that was a reasonably graceful Martin concession speech. But the dismal ugly desperation of the last couple of months will go down as his real swan song. This is a man who set out to reach the top of the greasy pole at all odds, only to find he had no idea of what he wanted to do when he got there. And the price of winning the big prize was a fractured party whose lean mean efficiency dissipated day by day. Ruthlessness is all very well but inept ruthlessness has little to commend it.
Sounds a lot like the Democrat left here, south of the border -- mindlessly ruthless with little to commend them.


Afterwards, Steyn's assessment:
In a very Canadian kind of revolution, we rose up yesterday and threw the bums out but gave them a soft, fluffy landing, nevertheless installing in office a minority government that somehow managed to get itself elected despite having the word "Conservative" in its name.

For Tories, it was a good night, if not a great night. But, given that the party was reduced to two seats in the 1993 debacle, after 12 years in the wilderness most Canadian conservatives will take a strong minority government as a spectacular landslide. We'd be dipping our voting fingers in maple syrup and triumphantly waving them at the UN observers if they hadn't all fallen asleep 20 minutes into the thrilling election-night coverage.

Read the whole article here.

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