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Monday, May 30, 2005

Angela Merkel Rises

Deutsch Welle reports:
Angela Merkel, the leader of Germany's opposition Christian Democrats,
has officially been chosen as the conservative challenger to Chancellor Gerhard
Schroeder in early elections in the fall.

Germany's opposition conservatives on Monday named Angela Merkel as
their candidate to challenge Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in an expected autumn
election that could produce the country's first woman leader.

Read about her here.

This is one hot lady. She defies all stereotypes. Born in Hamburg, raised in East Germany, trained as a physicist, joined the early anti-Communist movement, then the Christian Democrats, married and divorced, by 2000 emerged as the leader of the CD's. Today she polls well ahead of Schroeder and is the odds-on favorite to emerge as Germany's first woman chancellor.

What a babe!

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