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Friday, May 27, 2005

The Generation of 68 Discovers That Their Kids are Conservative -- The Horror, the Horror!"

Deutch Welle Photo -- The New Face of German Youth

DW reports:

[T]his generation of young Germans has a decided lack of interest in the political issues of their society, and are much more interested in themselves than anything else. While that might seem like a given for adolescents and their seniors in some countries, it seems that this burgeoning bent towards self-centered behavior is news for Germany.

Loud are the cries that youngsters up and down the country are displaying signs of the very conservative values their emancipated parents educated them against. Trend researcher and analyst Roman Retzbach said there is every reason to suggest that Germany is rekindling its relationship with the bourgeoisie.

Trend analyst Retzbach says the desire for the family idyll of spouse, children and a house with a garden has been gaining ground over recent years. He said Germany is experiencing a perceptible return to traditional family values in which youngsters are not only willing to wait for a serious relationship before having sex, but in which they have begun looking to the church -- and its intrinsic values -- as a point of orientation for their lives.

Oh no! Not the bourgeoisie!

The article chronicles the responses of social commentators to this disturbing [to them] phenomenon. Their statements range from dismay, to nostalgia for the socialist past, to outright denial.

After decades of nothing but bad news out of Europe, it is good to see that the continent is starting to come to its senses. Let us all sincerely hope that these kids, and not their parents, represent the future course of Western society and culture.

Read the article here.

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