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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Curse of King Tut Revisited

Sorry, I can't resist this crap....,

National Geographic has a speculative piece on the "Curse of Tut" -- specifically the mysterious death of Lord Carnarvon shortly after the tomb was opened. The suggested explanation is "exposure to ancient, toxic pathogens from the sealed tomb" that compromised his immune system already weakened from previous illness.

Among the sources of potential pathogens are:

1) foodstuffs interred with the corpse,

2) moldy mummys,

3) bacteria growing on tomb walls,

4) concentrated chemicals, and

4) batsh*t.

But all this silliness is just a hook setting up the magazine's main theme -- living people are bad news. The article notes that experts doubt that any of these were implicated in Carnarvon's death and then goes on to advance the argument that people do far more damage to tombs than vice versa and therefore archaeological sites should be closed to the public [a recurrent theme in this publication].

Ah, the preservationist mentality!

Read the article here.

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