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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Criticizing the Critique of Capitalism

Sign and Sight cites Juli Zeh's response to the recent anti-capitalist/anti-US themes articulated by the SPD in recent German elections. Writing in Der Spiegel she outlined the choice facing German voters thusly:
"Do we long for a small, secure world, or will we continue striving to
extend the frontiers that provide equal chances (and so also equal risk) as far
as possible – even beyond national borders? And would we be ready to sacrifice
certain material things in the name of one of our older or newer ideals? How do
we want to be? Strong, beautiful and successful, or noble, helpful and

The voters responded, sending the SPD down to humiliating defeat. Let us hope it is just the first of many.

Read it here.


Check out the comments by Franco Aleman over at Barcepundit on the poisonous brew of "ANTI-AMERICANISM, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism" that festers in contemporary German political culture, and follow his links to a superb article by Wolfgang Munchau in the Spectator.

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