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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Senator Leahy Disappoints

Pat Leahy is speaking -- just pure partisan tripe. Everything is the fault of the Republicans, they are engaging in "religious McCarthyism". They are threatening to destroy the constitutional balance. They are unreasonable, blah, blah, blah..... He says that they are "contemptible..., contemptible." No Senator..., the kind of partisan blather you are spouting is what is deserving of contempt.

Sen Durbin [D-Ill] rises to say that the nuclear option is dangerous. He denounces Frist for intemperate language. Things are getting personal now. Nothing important here. Just another attempt to portray the Republicans as radicals. Like Leahy he is identifying the Republicans with Pat Robertson. This is just pure partisan crap. I'm disappointed with Durbin -- I always thought well of him until now. This debate is bringing out the worst in a lot of people. Specter is looking better and better.

Durbin and Leahy are both making the argument that the Senate and the Judiciary are both so "special" that they cannot be seriously criticized.

Interesting point: Durbin explicitly states that racial and ethnic and gender tests for nominees are not legitimate. Wow! Does that mean that there is no reserved "Jewish" or "Black" or "female" seat on the court? Are the Democrats repudiating affirmative action?

Stay tuned....

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