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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Well It's Official -- Harold Ford is Running

Harold Ford is bright, articulate, and well-connected. For years he has been the bright young thing of Democratic politics; all the potential in the world, but somehow it never jelled. Always a potential superstar, but not an actual one. He seemed content to run his dad's old machine.

Then along came Barak Obama, and suddenly Harold Ford was yesterday's darling. He had to do something. There was a flurry of TV appearances, then rumors that Ford would be running for the Senate in 06. Then came the announcement that Senator Frist would be retiring. Now it's official -- Harold Ford filed federal paperwork yesterday to run for Frist's seat.
I'm excited. I'm ready to go," Ford said in telephone interview from Washington. He said his top issues will be energy reform, national security and education.

Read about it here.

The 2006 race is getting more interesting every day. Both parties are boasting some great young talent. I'm starting to catch the fevah!

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