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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More from Ahmad -- Trials that Really Matter

Ahmad has now become one of my regular sites to visit in the blogosphere. Today's post notes:

Terrorists tried and sentenced in an Iraqi court

The first death sentences, since the fall of Saddam, have been given to three Iraqi terrorists who were convicted of 20 operations that involved killings of Iraqi Policemen, kidnapping of Iraqis and raping Iraqis girls.

Two Syrians, who entered Iraq illegally and got captured in al Falluja, were convicted of arms assaults and sentenced to life in prison.

The hearing lasted for five hours, while fifty Iraqis, most of whom were families of the victims, were present in the court room. The death sentences will be executed within 10 days. [Arabic link]

I watched part of the trial on Al Iraqiya TV. The statements of the witnesses and the terrorists were very very gruesome, I don't think you want to here it. Death is too good for these low life terrorists!
The broadcast confessions of terrorists, and their trials, are having a decided impact on Iraqi opinion. These are the wheels of justice, finally moving. The MSM should be covering this, but apparently they consider Michael Jackson more important.

Read Ahmed's blog, Iraqi Expat, here.

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