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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dhimmitude Watch -- Orianna Fallaci Charged

Reuters reports:

ROME - A judge has ordered best-selling writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci to stand trial in her native Italy on charges she defamed Islam in a recent book.

The decision angered Italy's justice minister but delighted Muslim activists, who accused Fallaci of inciting religious hatred in her 2004 work "La Forza della Ragione" (The Force of Reason).

That's right folks. An internationally famed author, living in New York and suffering from cancer, has been ordered to return to Italy to face charges that she wrote something that some Muslim clerics found objectionable. I'm surprised that the judges didn't just issue a fatwah.

This is outrageous. Here's what she wrote that was so offensive:

In "La Forza della Ragione," Fallaci wrote that terrorists had killed 6,000 people over the past 20 years in the name of the Koran and said the Islamic faith "sows hatred in the place of love and slavery in the place of freedom."
Gee, in this country secularists say worse things than that about Christians every day -- and for that matter think about some of the things said by Muslim spokesmen about Christians and Jews.

And people say that we suffer under judicial tyranny -- not by a long shot.

Read it here.

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