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Sunday, May 29, 2005

French Neanderthal Babe

A reconstructed 20-year-old Neanderthal woman dubbed 'Pierrette' is displayed at the 'Paleosite' center, a museum combining tourism and archeology, in Saint-Cesaire, France, aiming to show how these hominids lived 35,000 years ago(AFP/File/Michel Gangne)

Of course, keep in mind that these kinds of reconstructions are very speculative. One of the theories as to why there is no clear evidence that Neanderthals and Modern Homo Sapiens interbred was that they were physically unattractive to each other. A Neanderthal "babe" would be repulsive to a modern human and vice versa. This reconstruction doesn't seem to bear out that theory. She just ain't repulsive.

Late at night, in a bar, you've struck out with Miss Lebanon. You've had a few. Bob Seger is singing on the jukebox. This lady starts to look pretty good, even if she is a separate species and built like a linebacker.

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