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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Israeli Strikes in Southern Lebanon

Oh, great! Just what we needed! Hizbullah and the Israelis are going at it in Southern Lebanon again. YaLibnan reports:
The volatile border between Israel and Lebanon was rocked by a series of tit-for-attacks in a disputed area that remains a constant source of tension between the two neighbours.

Israeli troops opened fire on positions held by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia and war planes launched a raid on southern Lebanon after a series of explosions near an Israeli military post, according to security sources on the two sides.
Read it here.

Every time Israel responds to one of these provocations it just makes it harder for an authentic Lebanese authority to emerge and legitimates Hizbullah's claims that it cannot disarm because of the Israeli threat -- and it raises the question in many minds as to whether either Israel or Hizbullah really wants peace and stability.


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