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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Now THIS Sounds Like Fun -- The Carnival of Bad History

It's not too late to get your submissions in for the Bad History Carnival. It will appear here on the 31st.

Here's their description of what they want:

What counts as bad history?

For starters, we've come up with this list:

Bad presentations of history - This is the easy one. Review bad historical movies, books and teevee. How anachronistic are those uniforms? How improbable is that alternate history novel? Did kindly frontier doctors really talk like that?

Bad uses of history - When pundits, politicians, and talking heads get hold of history they often twist it beyond all recognition or justification. Tell us about the mangaled metaphors, unjustified parallels, or outright lies you find in the public sphere.

Historians behaving badly - Historians manage their share of embarassing talking head appearances, plagiarism scandals, and corporate sell-outs. We don't want mere unpleasant gossip. Contributions in this category should be of historians behaving badly in their professional capacity as historians.If you can think of another category that should be included, run it by us.

Who can contribute?

All you need is your own weblog or website and an opinion. You don't need to be a professional historian and you don't need to write mostly about history. If you write only one post on bad history in you entire life, send it to us.

The only requirement is that it be an original piece of your writing (not a copy of someone else's article and not link-and-comment) and posted in the last month. Send the link to the post and a short summary to this month's host or to us (we'll forward it).

Talk about shooting fish in a barrel! Hardly a day goes by when I don't read or hear something that makes me sputter, "but..., but...!"

It's easy, and it's fun. Check it out!

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