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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Another Zimbabwe Update

Just yesterday we noted an optimistic turn in Zimbabwean internal affairs -- an admission that the government's land reforms have been an abysmal failure and attempts to correct it. [here]. Today comes discouraging news. Mugabe is tightening his controls over the population and the potential for domestic violence has risen.

Newzimbabwe reports:
Youth service to be made mandatory

THE government said on Tuesday it plans to make its controversial national service programme mandatory for students at all educational institutions from primary schools to universities.

State radio said deputy youth minister Savior Kasukuwere toured a training camp for youth militia and said the government is determined to introduce national service that would give all Zimbabwean youths "proper orientation."

Human rights groups, opposition politicians and some Western governments accuse the government's youth militia, known as the "green bombers" because of their military style uniforms, of being at the forefront of political violence and intimidation directed at opponents of President Robert Mugabe.

Deserters from the programme have told church-organised press conferences in South Africa of indoctrination and abuse of female recruits at centres.
Read the article here.

This is scary stuff. In the past Mugabe has proved himself to be ruthless in the acquisition and maintenance of personal power. Creating new gangs of thugs that do his bidding is anything but a positive development.


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