Day By Day

Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day

Started off this morning snug in bed. Then the alarm clock went off..., slap, snooze, second alarm..., slap, snooze..., third..., grumble, grunt, scratch. OK, I'm up!

Looked out the window.

Oh, Gawd! How are we going to get over the mountain in this mess?

"She Who Must Not Be Named" turned on the TV -- to the Weather Channel. I fired up the computer and checked out Accuweather. No relief in sight. Checked out the driveway and access road. No joy there. The township plows were obviously busy elsewhere. We're snowed in.

Then the phone rang. The people we were supposed to meet on the other side of the mountain were calling to cancel. Yay!

Back to bed.

Got up a couple of hours later. "She" was already up and puttering around in the kitchen. "Take some pictures of the hydrangea -- it's got a snow cap and it's cute" she said.


Here's a hydrangea -- not the one she meant, but that would have involved going out in the cold and I wasn't planning to do that yet. This one was just outside the bathroom window.

Since I was dressed and had my camera in my hand and plenty of time on my hands I went around taking pictures. The white stuff was still coming down hard and the new fallen snow on the branches was kinda pretty. Here's some of what I saw.

Azaleas, buds covered with snow, leaves curled tight against the cold.

Boxwood. A screech owl used to live here. Kinda got used to seeing him staring at me. Haven't seen him in a couple of years, though. Hope he's all right. Hawk Mountain is a dangerous place for small birds.

Late afternoon, the kid with the snowplow finally arrives. He has had a busy day, looks tired. A couple of quick swipes up the driveway and we are free.

Not that it matters. My plans for the rest of the day involve a warm blanket, a Lazyboy, and a good history book [and going online, of course].